See and swim with the fishes and corals of all colors, shapes and sizes! Our Guest Service Officers will be happy to guide you if needed. Masks, fins, snorkel and life vests for adults and kids are available for use and are also free of charge.

Fish Feeding

Our fishes are 100% Filipino! They eat rice and could eat it all day! Just throwing a handful of rice will let you see different kinds of fishes after it. It is fun especially when you are not up to snorkeling to meet the fishes.


Guests can kayak up to the far end of the resort up to the mangroves but we do suggest kayaking with someone or with one of our Guest Service Officers.

Paddle Boarding

Another fun way to paddle around the bay is using our stand-up paddle boarding! You could also enjoy a friendly race with other guests.


Hike up to Hunter’s Peak with one of our guides to accompany you. This is one challenging activity especially to newbies and great for those adventure seeking guests but definitely worth it when you reach the top! At the peak, you will see the island and neighboring islands. It is best to hike up before sunrise or sunset because the view is just scenic and serene. You can also bring snacks to have a picnic at the top; just make sure to not leave any garbage though.

Bottom Fishing

There is nothing like chilling like the folks back in the good old days, right? In lieu of a fishing rod, try your luck with a reel of nylon and some bait out in the open sea. If you get a catch, we will cook it for you!


The adventurous will definitely love to go and enjoy these watersports!

* For motorized sports activity, rates are available at our Guest Services Department.
* Subject to availability