Dugong Watching

Join our Dugong-watching trips along the lengthy coastline of Busuanga Island for a chance to meet the "true mermaids" of the sea.

Tara Island

2 and a half hours by banca with a depth of 3 to 36 meters. Tara Island is definitely an highlight for our coral lovers. You can find there a beautiful combination of soft and hard corals that house a large variety of macro life.... and a little bonus: from December to May, there are high chances of spotting manta rays!

Apo Reef Natural Park

Experience world-class diving in the Apo Reef Natural Park. Great wall diving with big schools of fish, sharks, turtles, barracudas, and mantra rays. Highly recommended as worth seeing.

Ship Wreck "Kyokuzan Maru"

Go deep into Kyoukuzan Maru and learn a bit of history as this ship was sunk during World War II. It is now teeming with marine life. With good visibility.

Also available for special arrangements:

Dugong Dive Center

El Rio y Mar’s official partner in providing professional diving experience to diving enthusiasts and even beginners for our guests. Diving instructors with a decade of expertise in the water will train you and ensure your safety in the water as you experience seeing a different side of the world; under water. They offer training programs from PADI, SDI and TDI.