Sports Room

Guests that are not yet interested to dip in the water may enjoy our indoor games! You may enjoy playing billiards, darts and table tennis at our sports house all day.

Library and Video Room

For the ones who prefer indoors or the bookworms, you may be interested in reading books that have been donated by guests from different parts of the world. There may be no TV in your room for you to experience and savor your stay; we do have one in the video room with a DVD Player for those who want a cozy stay indoors. Video files are available at the Guest Service Desk.

2 Infinity Pools

Our pool is open until 10:00pm that reaches 7 feet deep. As you swim, you get a good view of Port Caltom and the scenery of the mountains. You will also enjoy watching the sunset from there.

Experience another laid back by swimming and enjoying the peaceful scenery of our new pool located at the right side of the resort with a 3-7 feet deep and 10x12 meters pools.


Going on a vacation might not mean your workout will go in a holiday as well since we provide our guests with a place to exercise.

Karaoke Room

Filipinos love a good round of karaoke with family and friends! You can sing all day with your family and friends because the use of our karaoke room is complimentary to your stay and it can accommodate up to 10 (ten) persons.

Al Fresco Restaurant

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are spent here at the cozy and warm Al Fresco Restaurant. Globally trained chefs are there to serve you uniquely plated dishes and leave your taste buds asking for more. You can take your time and enjoy the flavors, the breeze, the view and the company. Every meal is a different treat you won’t go tired with.

Port Caltom's Reef Bar

Enjoy your drinks and sea breeze at Port Caltom’s Reef Bar. Our bartenders would love to serve you your favorite cocktails or refreshments in the menu. You may also enjoy feeding the fish while you lounge around Port Caltom or simply gaze at the sunset.


A place where you can just enjoy the scenery while connecting to your love ones away from you.

Wine Cellar

Get a kick of different types of wine and indulge yourself with nature

Beach Volleyball

Dugong Dive Center

Want to see and enjoy various species of sea super star? Check out their website -www.dugongdivecenter-ph.com


While you are enjoying your vacation, our in-house nurse is also prepared to watch out for your health issues. Our clinic is equipped with all the first aid needs during emergency cases.