Frequently Asked Questions

Can you arrange airline tickets for domestic and international flights?

For flight booking, domestic and international you may book through your favorite Travel Agencies or you may also visit directly the airline websites for you to choose your own preferred time.

Will someone meet me at the Busuanga Airport?

Yes, our Guest Service Officers will meet you at Busuanga Airport upon your arrival. They will be carrying an El Rio y Mar sign for recognition.

How do I contact the resort in case of sudden flight changes?

You may give us a call through the following numbers: Resort’s official mobile number (+63) 920-9515009 or at our landline number (+632) 668-3929.

Can I pay for my incidentals using credit card?

Yes, we accept major credit cards at no additional cost.

Service tip?

If you feel our services merit a token, we would happily accept it. We observe a centralized tipping policy though and gratuities are evenly distributed among all employees.

Do you have internet connection or Wi-Fi?

We only have Wi-Fi at one area of the resort; at the Guest Service Desk because we would like our guests to enjoy nature’s solace and beauty during their stay.

Medical treatments?

We have an in-house registered nurse and an on-call medical doctor to provide medical needs for our guests as well as our employees. We have a resort clinic with ample medical equipment and supplies. In case a medical evacuation is necessary, we can arrange land, sea or air transports.

Overall security?

We have licensed security guards on duty and alert 24/7.

Are there other dining establishments around the resort for us to choose from?

El Rio y Mar is an exclusive location therefore guests will have to arrange boat and van transfers going to Coron town proper to try out other dining establishments.